Resource Center

Visit our Resource Center to get information about Family Health Care Network and Anthem. Enjoy the outdoor area during lunch if currently a student at Porterville Adult School. Also get a snack or drink from our vending machines located in the Resource Center.

Community Resources


Go to following website for available resources dealing with COVID-19:



Butterfield Charter School has partnered with Recovery
Resources to provide education and counseling services to
students and parents who have been affected or who seek
early intervention for alcohol and drug abuse. Open to the public. CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Are you looking for options? Do you want to find and pursue new opportunities?

Ready to continue your education at a community college, university, or technical school?

Want to get into the work force?

The CHSPE exam could open up a variety of options for you.

The site below will educate you about the CHSPE and provide registration information and instructions for taking the test in your area.


Get info about emergency shelter, food, crisis hotlines, counseling services, family care services and legal assistance by clicking the link below.

Not sure what to do after you earn your high school diploma? Follow the link below to explore job interests and create a career action plan.
Learn about labor statistics and wage rates for the United States. Follow the link below to become aware of and discover all the data tools it has to offer on the economy and more.